Hello and welcome to Fetishland Productions a specialist recruitment company for men and women wishing to take part in the making of fetish porn movies.  We get asked many questions and we hope this website will be able to answer many of them for you .  Please take your time to read all our website before applying so you know exactly what we do and if that is what you are looking for. Thanks.

Who are we..?

We are Fetishland Productions, an all female camera crew that specialise in filming everyday amateur people to star in our private porn movies. We have our own film studios in London and Surrey and we have people coming to our studios from all over the UK for a days filming. We film every week of the year and we are on a constant hunt for new people to join us.  Filming at our studios is designed to be fun, you get to act out your fetishes and we get to film them. You also get paid for every film you make with us.

Why are you an all female camera crew..?

Professional porn stars do not get embarrassed when making a porn movie as they are used to it.  But if you are doing it for the first time, some people, especially men, can be put off if there are other men around.  

By using an all female camera crew we find that amateurs that have never done this before are much more comfortable being filmed and some even get turned on by the idea of other females watching/filming them.  In fact you could call that an additional fetish some men have.

What are you looking for..?

We need men and women over 21 years old that are into fetish porn and looking for porn star jobs so they can act out their fetish fantasies whilst being filmed.  We pay every actor and actress in our films and you will also receive royalties whenever someone watches your movie. We hire straight, gay, TV/TSs, lesbians and couples.  You do not have to be exceptionally good looking or in shape.  In fact all our movies are based on amateur porn so the more normal you look the better.

I am a Mistress/Dominatrix, can I apply as well?

Sure, we have many men that seek those sort of services in our films and we value your opinions/contributions on all our film shoots.

Where are the films shown..?

None of the fetish porn movies we make are available on the Internet or available to buy in any shops or other outlets.  We work for a major hotel movie distribution company that supplies movies of all sorts which are only viewable in hotel rooms, via cable TV, in different hotels around the world. So you don’t have to worry about being seen on the Internet as our films are only available on a pay per view basis.  In some of our movies you may get to wear a mask if you really do not want to show your face.

How much will I be paid..?

A typical movie takes about 4 hours to film and we currently pay the following rates.

You also get royalty payments every time your video is watched in any hotel worldwide.

Why would I want to film my fetish..?

We all have fetishes we would like to act out but finding someone else that also has similar fetishes can be difficult. Sure, you can hire an escort or mistress but they can be expensive and some tend to be in it more for the money rather than actually liking it.

Everyone that films with us is just like you, they all have a fetish they want to reenact just like you do.  You also get paid on the day of filming and you get your own copy of your movie, once the final edits have been done, which you can watch whenever you like.

Is this a one-off filming..?

That's up to you, you can choose to do this as often as you like.  Some of our fetish porn stars like the experience so much they come back to us on numerous occasions to do more filming.  We are constantly looking for good performers and when we find them we will use them in more and more films we make.  Some of our amateur porn stars have even made the leap into the main stream porn industry.  Having your own copy of a film you have starred in is a great way to introduce you to new producers.

What sort of fetishes are you interested in..?

Every type of fetish imaginable is considered. As long as it is legal we can film it. Whatever fetish pleasure you are into, we want you to come and fulfil them at our studio to your hearts content, alone or with other like minded people and get paid for it with a copy of your DVD to take home with you.

To give you an idea here are some of the words used by people filling in our application forms.  We will leave the rest to your imagination.

slave, spanked, domination, foot worship, cuckold, strapons, adult babies, high heels, shoe fetish, caning, bondage, TV/TS, PVC/Latex, face sitting, sissy boy, shemales, verbal humiliation, interracial, whips, gang banged, submission, medical themes, discipline, bdsm, corporal punishment, cross dressing, fetish wear & uniforms.

I am female and all this sounds interesting but a bit weird.

You have know idea how many ladies apply to star in our films. The fact that you are still reading this website means there’s a fetish inside you that needs to come out. Remember “50 Shades of Grey”, (the book), well that sparked a lot of interest in our services.  If you are naturally submissive or want to be dominant over some men then talk to us and we can make that happen for you.  The ladies that works for us get as much fun out of it as the men do (if not more!) and you get to discuss exactly what YOU want to do when you meet us.

Is this for real..?

That’s probably the question we get asked the most and yes it is for real.  If selected you will be interviewed in one of our studios where you can see all our equipment and meet some of the film crew and we even offer a (paid) Voyeur Service where you can see a film being made, staring amateurs just like yourself.  We have been doing this for 4 years now so we know all your concerns and we are sure we will put your mind at ease when you meet us.

I'm still a bit nervous and not sure what to do..?

We have filmed hundreds of people that have never done this sort of stuff before, 95% of them are nervous as it's their first time but all of them had such a passion for their particular fetish that they overcame all their nervousness by the time we were ready for filming.  

Filling in the application form is just the first step, you can ask questions and we will answer them, you can even come see us and we will show you around our studios. Only when you are totally happy will we be happy.  

If you are still unsure you can always come to one of our Voyeur sessions where you can see a film being made so you get a better idea of what happens on the day.

How do I apply..?

To apply all you need to do is complete our application form with your details and we will then contact you to tell your more about the procedure and to start scheduling your filming.  There is no obligation on your part after filling in the form so why not give it a go and let’s take it from there.

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